A Magic Moment DVD and Blu Ray Options

A collection of weddings at the Omni Championsgate in Orlando, Florida.


DVD or Blu Ray Options

We offer three formats for DVD:
Basic— A custom printed DVD case and custom printed DVD with a title menu, which includes a play all button. The DVD offers superior quality, longevity of material, convenience in viewing.  All our video package comes with Basic DVD, $50 for each additional DVD copy. $100 for Blu Ray.
Enhanced—This version has chapter points based on time intervals (4 minutes; 8 minutes, 12 minutes, etc). The price for that is $250 for the first DVD and $50 for each additional copy, $100 for Blu Ray.
Custom—This version has chapter points to indicate separate elements of your event. For example chapter points such as vows, dances, montage, etc. You can choose the chapter menu and go immediately to your favorite scenes.  The chapter points are also printed on the cover of the actual DVD.  The cost for Custom is $350 for the first DVD, and $50 for each additional copy, $100 for Blu Ray.
Video Montage
A themed video is composed of a collage of family pictures, slides, videos and movie clips that is projected on a large screen during the reception.  This video can be as simple as a slide show set to music or as elaborate as a themed documentary telling the life story. We can include interviews from friends and family members if you wish.  This presentation is usually an average of 10 minutes and is customized to reflect the style and story of the person featured. Prices start at $500 for 100-150 pictures, and vary depending on the extent of editing involved. 
High Definition (HD Video Coverage)
Your wedding video will be recorded and edit in the new HD standard using HD cameras and editing equipment. Then the edited video will be delivered on the superior quality Blue Ray disk. Cost $300.00 added to any of above packages

Wedding Videos

Wedding video 1
Wedding video 2
Wedding video 3
Wedding video 4
Wedding video 5

Bar Mitzvah Videos

Bar Mitzvah Video 1
Bar Mitzvah Video 2
Bar Mitzvah Video 3

Quinceanera Videos

Quinceanera Video 1
Quinceanera Video 2

Video Montage

Video Montage 1
Video Montage 2
Video Montage 3

Social Videos

Social Video 1
Social Video 2
Social Video 3

Video Packages

Video Packages
DVD and Blu Ray options