A Magic Moment video packages

A beautiful Indian wedding at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida.


Custom Videography Packages
We offer a 10% discount on videography when combined with photography services.
Bronze Intimate Package
·  Single camera coverage
·  5 min romantic collage using 2-3 songs
·  Raw Footage
·  Collage style recap video posted online for you to share
·   Two cameras covering your ceremony (one stationary)
·   A 10 minute collage composed of highlights from the night
·   Includes 3-4 songs.
·   Raw footage
·   Edited video posted online for you to share
·   Two cameras covering your ceremony and main events  (one stationary)
·   Features more complex editing ( freeze frames, slow motion, audio dubs, & more)
·   Video consists of

o An opening collage ( can also include growing up photos)
o Highlights collage from getting ready, pre-ceremony photo session and ceremony setup
o Full Ceremony lightly edited and mixing the two cameras
o After collage composed from post-ceremony photo session, cocktail hour and reception setup
o Reception lightly edited creating transition between segments and scenes
o Main events
o table shots
o guest interviews upon requests
o Dancing
o Recap video posted online for you to share

State-of-the-Art Package
·   “A Hollywood Style Fast paced entertaining video”
·   Two videographers covering your event
·   Professionally advanced editing techniques
·   Full coverage of your day videotaping all the events
·   30-40 minutes final edited version
·   Video consists of

o An opening collage ( can also include growing up photos)
o highlights collage from getting ready
o Sound bites & interactions from the day of
o Video Montage from pre-event photo session
o Ceremony setup and Ceremony highlights
o After ceremony collage from photo session and Cocktail hour
o Reception Decor montage
o Reception highlights
o The tables shots
o Guest Interviews upon request
o Closing highlights recap

·   Custom DVD with chapters points
·   Customized DVD case printed with Chapter points
·   A teaser trailer posted online 2 weeks after event
·   Raw Footage

Wedding Videos

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Bar Mitzvah Videos

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Quinceanera Videos

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Video Montage

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Social Videos

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Video Packages

Video Packages
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