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A beautiful wedding at the Omni Championsgate in Orlando, Florida.

It is often said that a picture captures a moment and freezes it in time. Video captures that moment and retells it for all time. 

A Magic Moment uses the finest broadcast-quality, completely portable and wireless, low-light cameras and equipment. Each camera is manned to ensure the best possible coverage of your event and nothing is left to chance.

Our professional editing team review the available footage of your event and weave a video production, which tells the story of your special day and all the people involved. We want you to feel the way you felt on that day every time you watch this story. We offer three different editing styles, in order to provide you with options to fit your tastes and budget.

Wedding Videos

Wedding video 1
Wedding video 2
Wedding video 3
Wedding video 4
Wedding video 5

Bar Mitzvah Videos

Bar Mitzvah Video 1
Bar Mitzvah Video 2
Bar Mitzvah Video 3

Quinceanera Videos

Quinceanera Video 1
Quinceanera Video 2

Video Montage

Video Montage 1
Video Montage 2
Video Montage 3

Social Videos

Social Video 1
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Social Video 3

Video Packages

Video Packages
DVD and Blu Ray options