Is it the time for you to choose your photographer or videographer? Here’s a list of questions you may want to ask yourself and tips to follow on what to ask your photographer before making an appointment to interview your event photographer.




How many hours of coverage am I looking for? (Coverage for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, other pre-wedding functions like bridal luncheon or golf outing, getting ready, pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail party, reception)

How many hours of coverage are in your packages and are you flexible if I want to add or subtract minutes/ hours to the package? Do you offer unlimited coverage or is it all by the hour?

Do I want the photographer/ videographer capturing the ‘getting ready’ moments, or just the final touches (shoes, jewelry etc)?

How much time do you recommend for the ‘getting ready’ photos?

Do I want my photographer to take pictures of me and my groom before the ceremony, or am I more traditional and want to do the pictures after the ceremony?

How much time will you need to take photos of me, my groom and our families?

Do I want both a photographer and a videographer?

Does your company provide both? If not, can you recommend a videographer that you work well with? Do you have combo packages where I can save money? And how many cameramen or assistance are provided?

Do I want photos/video taken during the ceremony?  Does the priest allow it?  Is my ceremony location allows flash photography? If not is the place well lit?


What do you normally recommend or do when flash photography is not allowed? Can I see an example from the same location of my ceremony or from available light pictures?


Do I want my pictures captured in color, sepia or black and white? Do I like the samples that the photographer shares with me and it looks like he/she has a good eye for B&W pic, color etc?

Can you take all my pictures in color then let me decide later which ones I want in sepia or black and white?

Do I want my photos/videos to be edited, touched up or digitally enhanced? How much do I want to get involved in the album design or video editing or do I want the studio to do the work for me?

Do you automatically edit, touch up and enhance my photos? Or is that only included in select packages? Are there different levels of editing?

What is my style? Do I like the Photojournalistic style, Traditional, Artsy, Modern, or Contemporary?

What style are you? Can you show me samples?

What do I want to be captured in my video? (guests walking in, personal interviews,  candid views, main events such as ceremony, cake cutting, first dance, garter/bouquet toss, etc.)

The style of video continuous coverage, documentaries (story telling) or journalistic (highlights).

How many hours do you recommend if I want everything captured? Or just the ceremony and the intro to the reception? Which packages includes a mic, lights and or a second camera or cameraman/ assistant?

Is the latest video technology available? HD, Blu Ray, video streaming, 3D, etc?

Do I want an album with my package? Do I want a CD that I may print my own pictures from? (aka high-resolution CD)

Do your packages come with albums? Please explain the price differences if I want to upgrade my album? Do your packages come with a high-resolution CD or do I need to purchase the rights to that separately?

Do I want a collage style/ photo-journalistic album coffee table style book or an album with individual pictures on each page or slip in the album?

Do I have a ‘say’ in what goes on my album or video? How long does it take to create my album or video?When will you post my pictures online for me to see?

Is anyone helps me in the design of the album? What services are provided in creating an album? How many styles of books do you have?

Is my venue going to be a good place for pictures? What if the weather goes bad?

Are you familiar with my venue? If my wedding is outside and it starts to sprinkle or rain, will you still shoot my wedding?

Now, do I know what I’m looking for? I want to feel comfortable with the person or studio. I like the sample but also wants to see a whole wedding not just the selected images.

Can I schedule a consultation? Are you the photographer/ videographer shooting my wedding? If you have an emergency, who is your back up? Can I see an example of a contract? What is the deposit/ payment schedule?