Interactive Photo Options...Brought to You by A Magic Moment!

A Magic Moment provides clients with innovative and new interactive photo technology. 

Magic Mirror Booth - This innovative technology is revolutionizing the photo booth industry. As guests approach the Mirror Booth, they touch the mirror to take a photo. Guests will be able to sign on the mirror to customize their prints. Prints are quickly printed out and guests can choose to share photos to Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Photo Booth - This photo booth is what you want. It’s unlike most photo-booths, this booth-booth gives the guest the option to email a copy of their photos and record a video message for the host to keep! Insanely fast double strips printed and cut in 7.5 seconds with a guest option for a second set of prints or a 4x6 of their favorite shot.

Touch Screen Picture Mingle - With Picture Mingle, you and your guests will be able to take your own pictures and video, view real-time photos from your photographer and even write personal messages on images – all with the simple and elegant power of your fingertips!

Pictures in a Flash - Pictures printed on location, inserted to folders and handed to convention guests. Pictures can be customized with text, logo, frames or promotional messages. 
Available print sizes: 4x6, 5x7’s, 6x8’s.

Green Screen Photography  - Portrait session on location against a green background and then replacing the background with a custom theme background, can include magazine covers, sports cards, these images and more. The pictures are then printed on location, inserted into a folder and handed to convention guests. 
Available print sizes: 4x6, 5x7’s, 6x8’s

3D Photography - Green Screen portrait session on location against a green background and then replacing the background with a custom theme background. The amazing 3-D technology processes the captured image and is ready to print in seconds. Prints are then laminated with lenticular lens for a 3D effect or Flip Effect. 
Available print sizes: 4x6 prints, 5x7, 6x8

Video Editing - the production of the promotional video, new release, commercial, webcast, or other media application using the footage captured and other media resources like music, voice-over, graphics, animation and more. 

DVD Copies - DVD with interactive custom menus and titles for fast access to all the different elements of the coverage

Dancing Heads Music Video - Create a music video with 6 of your friends dancing and singing. Your video will have your head on a cartoon body dancing to the music. This is a hands-on activity and fun for all!

FlipBook Movie - Record a 6-second video clip of yourself or with your friends and we’ll print out a pocket-sized flipbook. Great for entertainment and as a custom party favor. Option to include a personalized background/green screen.
Prints up to 50 books an hour. 

Text to screen – Your guest can send text messages, love messages, Flirt SMS, request songs, text SMS voting from their cell phones during your event to a private number and the messages will be shown in real-time on the screen. Package includes an LCD screen or a quick fold screen.

Photomontage - A montage set to video from images taken from all the days and synchronized to up to 5 different songs. The montage will be put onto DVD and could be delivered by last day of meetings. 
(additional photography coverage needed)

Real-time Slide Show- A slideshow updates throughout your event with the pictures taken. The slideshow is shown on the screen (screen not included).

Screen and projector - A large screen can be either a quick fold 6x8 front projection screen or a stationary front or rear projection screen with a press kit and drapes.
Screens sizes include: 7x10, 9x12.  
With all screens come a full kit of the screen, projector, cart, DVD player, cable and audio cables. 
Ability to add: speakers and mixer, quick fold kit, stationary screen